by André Foisy

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Originally released on cassette by Stunned Records.

Stunned Records No. 118. Split with High Aura'd.

Limited edition of 111. [Sold Out]

Description from label:

"The wonder and awe conjured here will be necessary anchor-points upon entering André Foisy’s spooked arena of souls on Side B. This member of esteemed Chicago group Locrian presents a grim monolith sculpted by his mighty guitar and dystopic groans. Not a trip for the weak of heart, Foisy invites all courageous initiates into an unforgettable labyrinth where quite anything can happen."

Some reviews:

"The elegance of this is that it escalates to pillars of dense, grandiose, and terrifying noise drone but you don’t notice until it’s toppling over you with tortured screaming, a fury of electronics, and buzzing riffage that pours out of your speakers, black, painful, and loud as fuck."
--Anti-Gravity Bunny

"A dark and mysterious lone figure briefly ascends from a deep dungeon of torment and suffering, André Foisy has returned to condemn humanity with ‘Untitled’, 21 minutes of sinister stringed sorcery that comes directly from the yawning void of Chaos, home of damned souls."
--Fluid Radio

"Foisy beckons some spirits of his own, but this time, it’s from a much darker underworld of sound. Waves of evil crash through an ocean of demonic moans and devilish lurches of guitar. This is the stuff from which psychedelic nightmares are born."
--Foxy Digitalis

"Everything is in layers of soft strong flowing beauty, building and eventually falling through peace and climax into a moment when André seems to look back with regret. His anticipations never quite find resolution, and his screams at the end tell of the sort of self-hating dismissal that comes so potently after complete surrender to beauty."
--The Inarguable

"On the outside level, one can appreciate it well enough, given the right mood, enough time to get through it, etc., but it’s when it penetrates to the deeper part of the mind, into the subconscious and even down further into unconsciousness that it has its most profound effects. Then, when you think you’ve settled into a trance you are suddenly stunned back into emotion by the moans and groans in the background, planted just right and not ear-splitting screams, but a sort of far-off sounding cry of despair that reverberates for some time, but all the while the drifting, droning ambience keeps flowing, a perfect fluidity that doesn’t bore or disappoint."
-- Heathen Harvest


released May 5, 2011

André Foisy - guitar, tapes, vocals
Mastered by Zz



all rights reserved


André Foisy Blacksburg, Virginia

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